Hernia can occur for many reasons. The symptoms and treatment procedures differ according to the location of hernia. The most common sites of hernia are in the groin and at the umbilicus (belly button). It is possible to treat the symptoms of a hernia with conservative measures, but the only way to repair a hernia is with surgery. This can be performed with either open or laparoscopic surgery. The most suitable approach depends upon the hernia, your other medical conditions and any previous surgery. However, not all hernias need surgery immediately. If a hernia is small in size, and if it doesn’t cause much discomfort or pain then sometimes it is reasonable not to perform surgery. However, it is essential to carefully observe any change in size. If the hernia is causing pain, increasing in size or causing blockages of the bowel then you should consult a doctor and have it fixed. Hernia is not a life threatening disease and hernia repairs may have good long term outcomes. As always; prevention is always better than cure! Do you know that changes in your lifestyle and habits can reduce the chances of getting hernia?